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Human Exposure to Non-ionizing Radiation Dragan Poljak and Mario Cvetković, PhD University of Split, Croatia This Tutorial is mainly based on the book, D. Poljak, M.Cvetkovic, Human Interaction with Electromagnetic Fields; Computational Models in Dosimetry, Elsevier 2019, on some recent journal papers and activities in IEEE ICES SC6 Working Group. Tutorial aims to cover several aspects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) including not only the undesired exposure from artificial sources, but also the biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields. The tutorial outlines some basic aspects of electromagnetic fields in environment, coupling mechanisms between humans and electromagnetic fields, established biological effects of electromagnetic fields from static to high-frequency range, international […]

Timetable and Program

Preliminary list of accepted papers is available at the link! Final program is available at the link!